Which Tow Truck in Wichita KS Is Best For You?

Although most people know when they need a Tow Truck in Wichita KS, they might not know about the different types of tow trucks. When hiring a service for towing, people sometimes get the options to choose which type of tow truck they want to use. Some people have good reasons for choosing certain tow trucks. If a person has customized rims on a vehicle, that individual probably doesn’t want the rims on the road while the car is being towed. People who own older cars that might not be able to take bumps well might also want their vehicles off the ground.

When contacting Arrow Wrecker Service Inc. or another company for a Tow Truck in Wichita KS, vehicle owners should know whether they need a wheel-lift truck, hook-and-chain truck, or a flatbed truck. Flatbed trucks are the ones to use for vehicle owners who wish to have their automobiles lifted completely off the road. Since these trucks are the safest for vehicles, companies usually charge a premium to use them. Vehicles hauled by flatbeds can usually end up at their destinations faster than those that are hauled by the other types of tow trucks.

The other two types of trucks also have their uses. Hook-and-chain trucks use hooks and chains to attach to the frames or axles of the automobiles that they will be towing. Since these trucks can do a lot of damage to automobiles, they are mostly used these days to tow junk vehicles from one place to another. They are used a lot at salvage yards. Wheel-lift tow trucks are pretty common these days. Such trucks use a special attachment to lift a vehicle by two wheels. When used properly by skilled drivers, they can safely get a vehicle from one place to another. Drivers have to take their time and watch out for road hazards.

Regardless of the tow truck that is being used, people should take their time when choosing a company for towing. Having roadside service can be a big plus. With some plans, people can get up to 100 miles of free towing. Drivers never know when they will be in need of a quality tow truck service.

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