Wholesale Automotive Parts in WI: Steel vs. Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Some suppliers of Wholesale Automotive Parts in WI focus on wheels and related components, such as wheel bearings and axles. The outer part of a wheel is the rim, which holds the tire. Some of the more dangerous accidents occur when the tire and rim become separated while the vehicle is traveling. When a vehicle owner wants to modify the wheels from the originals originally provided, it’s essential to only buy products from reputable manufacturers. That’s true whether it’s person wanting to change the look of a beloved sports car, or whether it’s a fleet owner who wants to make a statement.

Steel vs. Aluminum Alloys

Vehicle wheels are primarily made from two types of materials. One is steel and the other is an aluminum alloy, meaning the wheel mainly consists of aluminum with small amounts of other metals. Aluminum wheels from a supplier of Wholesale Automotive Parts in WI are lighter and tend to be more aesthetically appealing, but steel is better suited for certain types of use.

Heavy vs. Lighter Duty

Steel’s heavy-duty characteristics make it a good choice for off-road travel and recreation. These wheels also come standard on most heavy trucks. In contrast, aluminum alloy wheels are standard on many passenger vehicles, particularly the most basic models. Switching from steel to aluminum on a passenger car provides a noticeable improvement in acceleration and the ability to swiftly maneuver on roads.

Alloy wheels have many more options for spoke design and finish. However, they don’t hold up as well against various types of impact because they aren’t as durable as steel. They are more likely to become dented or dinged, which is why they aren’t recommended for frequent off-roading or even frequent driving on gravel roads.

Cost Considerations for These Materials

The inventory for steel or aluminum alloy wheels provided by a supplier such as Pioneer Rim & Wheel Company can be viewed at a website like Pioneerwheel.com. When someone shops for new wheels, this person may need to take the budget into account, and steel will be less expensive. However, the appearance and lighter weight may make the extra cost worthwhile.

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