Why Boston Residents May Want to Consider IV Therapy With Glutathione

Modern life takes a toll on most people. Things that are considered normal, like traffic and running errands, can cause huge amounts of stress. There also other things that individuals are dealing with that are stressful, like divorce, sickness in the family, or a move. IV therapy is one of the most effective and quickest ways of providing the body with minerals, vitamins, and amino acids to counteract this stress. Here are the top benefits of glutathione in Boston, MA.

Glutathione in Boston, MA
, is an antioxidant that is found in the cells of the human body. It has many important functions, including supporting the immune system, breaking down free radicals, transporting mercury out of the brain, regenerating vitamin E and C, helping certain enzymes function, and helping the gallbladder and liver deal with fats.

Including glutathione in an IV infusion can give an antioxidant boost that can counteract free radicals. Free radicals are associated with accelerating the aging process and some diseases. When have an IV infusion that contains essential antioxidants, you counteract these free radicals. This may help slow down the aging process and protect you from certain diseases.

Some research shows there is a connection between glutathione and preventing the progression of some forms of cancer. Talk to your doctor about using IV therapy if you are also going through cancer treatments.

Other benefits include improving insulin sensitivity, reducing cell damage, and reducing symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

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