Why Buy New? A Comparison of New and Used Vehicles

Purchasing a vehicle is a major decision for most people. Not only are cars and trucks expensive, but the safety, style and included features of your chosen vehicle will be part of your everyday life for years to come. For consumers looking to address specific concerns – such as space and safety for a family or style and features for a car worth showing off – this is especially true.

The question many people are faced with when investing in a vehicle is whether to buy new or used. There are monetary advantages to buying a used car, but many of the benefits of buying new simply cannot be beaten by a used vehicle.


Within Warranty

One of the biggest advantages of buying a new car is that it is still within its manufacturer’s warranty. Additional benefits of buying off the lot may include other time-sensitive guarantees, such as reduced price or free maintenance that is not available from dealers of used cars. Safety is also a consideration, as new cars haven’t been in any accidents or have any defects from previous use to worry about.


Less to Invest In

In new vehicles, owners encounter fewer repairs in the first few years, allowing them to focus primarily on upkeep and minor maintenance. What’s more, many dealers offer lower interest rates in financing that involves new vehicles, leading to less money invested overall for your car. Many Ford dealers in particular offer these financing options, giving American consumers one more reason to consider a new Ford car as their family’s next vehicle.


Latest Technology, Lower Emissions

Newer cars are typically equipped with the newest technology, including cell phone and wireless device compatibility. Additionally, today’s vehicles boast better gas mileage, lower emissions and greater fuel efficiency by including options like the use of E85 fuel or hybrid technology. Ford automotive is a domestic leader in these ways, bringing the latest innovations to drivers at all price points.

Customers in the Oak Ridge, TN area looking to buy a new Ford car or truck can look to Ray Varner Ford for the best in selection and service. Whatever you’re shopping for, you’re sure to find it amongst the many options offered by today’s Ford dealer.

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