Why Choose A Family Medicine Doctor?

When you consider the variety of medical options available today, you cannot help but notice a distinct separation between two types: generalists and specialists. Doctors who concentrate on a specialty are quite different in their focus from those who choose to practice family medicine in Salt Lake City.

What Is Family Medicine?

As the name indicates, a family physician is a member of a professional group that focuses on the family – all members of the family. Moreover, they do not restrict themselves to treating patients of a specific age or gender. They are generalists who embrace the demands of a practice that looks at every patient in a holistic manner. In other words, a family physician looks at the individual patient, obtains information about their everyday lives, places it in the context of their lifestyle and considers how the various factors will influence their general well-being.

Family Medicine

In a world where health care is increasingly becoming more and more fragmented, patients can count on one type of medicine – family medicine, to address their total needs. In the United States, statistics from the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) note that family doctors conduct approximately one in five office visits annually. Since 1969, this “specialty” – which specializes in general medicine, has filled a much-needed service in the medical field. This is the one constant in the medical system. Family medical practitioners in Salt Lake City provide a lifeline to those who require the services of a doctor who will address their individual needs from youth to old age. They are an integrative service which not only offers them a wide variety of care options but also addresses the ongoing needs of all their family members.

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