Why Choose Hickey Freeman?

The Hickey Freeman men’s label has been around for decades. This brand is the go-to suit for many men in the legal and financial industries. In recent years, the brand underwent a major makeover to boost its credibility in the fashion world even higher.

Time for Change

Formally known as Hartmarx Corp, the clothing manufacturer filed for bankruptcy protection in 2009. In addition to the economic downturn, many people felt that the company was losing its appeal due to the fact that it failed to adapt to the new trends in clothing for men. Styles moved on to dress casual looks and slim fits, but the brand stuck with a boxy, more conservative style.

The Hickey Freeman suits that are on the market today have flat-front pants, a trim silhouette, soft chest and shoulders with less padding. In addition, the available fabrics and patterns are much bolder than they were in the past. The change was to attract the younger customers and increase sex appeal.

For the Modern Man

This brand of men’s clothing is dedicated to providing personal style. Shoppers can clearly see the company’s efforts to target a specific demographic, which is not the older powerhouse type of man. Today, the brand is looking to attract the cool, modern man.

The brand offers a wide selection of sport shirts, sport coats, knit ties, pants, accessories and formal wear, in addition to their huge selection of suits and shirts. A considerable amount of hard work goes into every piece sold under the Hickey Freeman label.

Made to Measure

One of the most popular features of the Hickey Freeman name brand is the made to measure option. A made-to-measure suit can be cut from a fabric that the buyer chooses. A stock pattern is then adjusted to meet the unique measurements of the buyer. It takes a few weeks and a few fittings in order for the job to be completed accurately.

This process is different from custom made suits, which involve a long process with custom drafted patterns. In addition, a custom suit would require many more fittings than a made-to-measure suit. Keep in mind that some tailors have been known to use the term interchangeably, so it is important to be clear when you are placing the order for your new suit.

It is vital to be fitted by a men’s clothing specialist who will be willing to share tips and advice on a well-fitting suit. This is especially crucial if this is your first time shopping for Hickey Freeman in Dallas.

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