Why DCP Repackaging Is the Way Filmmakers Should Be Doing Business in NY

The old way of providing a digital camera package was quite prohibitive when it came to independent films. In fact, it was nearly impossible. About the only way you could do it was to partner with a major studio in the hopes of getting into theaters around the country. This has been changed with the advent of technology known as DCP repackaging. There are quite a few benefits to using this method.

Easier To Transport

IN the old days, films would have to travel from theater to theater in heavy and cumbersome reels. With DCP, this method is completely removed and the film is stored digitally on an encrypted hard drive. You can show it on any screen that accepts digital movies. There is also the added bonus of easily maintaining the copyright protection that is inherent with any film.

Widely Accepted

The method of showing movies via DCP is accepted all over the world. In fact, your movie will be able to be shown in virtually any theater in the world.

Transportation Made Easy

To transport the movie, the device is placed into a carrier about the size of a standard briefcase. It is then uploaded to the digital projection machine that the theater offers and you are all set from there. It really couldn’t be any simpler to take advantage of DCP repackaging.

If you are interested in this method of movie exhibition, please contact Chromavision. They will present you with the different packages that they offer.