Why hire a lawyer to collect on a debt?

As a creditor you have two choices when it comes to collecting a debt; collection agencies and collection lawyers. The greatest majority of creditors prefer to engage the service of a Las Vegas Nevada collection lawyer rather than attempt to collect the debt themselves or hire a collection agency. The reason is simple; a law firm can do it all.

Advantages of using a lawyer:

Collection agencies tend to rely on sending one demand letter after another to debtors, upon receipt the debtor knows that legal action may not be far behind. A demand letter directly from a lawyer tends to get a quicker response. Those that owe a number of creditors often pay the creditor that is represented by a law firm first; there is a tendency to ignore a letter from a collection agency until such time as a legal action is actually taken.

When a creditor uses the professional service of a Las Vegas Nevada collection lawyer he or she in ensured that legal action will take place promptly. Collection lawyers can obtain and enforce a legal judgment after the statutory dispute period has expired.

In many cases a collection lawyer will be less costly than a collection agency; this is especially true if you are giving thought to taking legal action.

Collection agencies cannot file a lawsuit in court. Sure; they can lodge data with credit reporting agencies, they can contact you by phone or mail but if legal action becomes necessary, they must have a lawyer to do it. For many people that have been trying to collect a debt for an inordinate amount of time they know that eventually legal action will be required; the thinking is “why not hire a Las Vegas Nevada collection lawyer in the first place?”