Why Hiring A Skilled DUI Defense Attorney in Wichita KS Is A Must For First-Time Offenders

With DUI convicts facing increasingly harsher penalties, getting arrested for this type of crime is scary – especially if this is the first time. While a defendant may be wondering about what their next steps should be, it’s vital that they don’t follow the advice of those who assure them that hiring an attorney is not necessary for first-time offenders. Unfortunately, this can cause defendants to miss out on the many benefits that legal counsel can provide. Here’s a brief overview of these benefits and an explanation of the advantages that having a DUI attorney brings to the table:

1. Developing A Case: Many first-time DUI offenders are mistakenly under the impression that getting arrested means that they will automatically be convicted. It’s vital for them to know that this isn’t always the case, and having a DUI Defense Attorney in Wichita KS present throughout the case can greatly increase the chances that things will go well for them. Lawyers will be able to thoroughly investigate the case, which could lead to the identification of glaring issues the prosecution’s argument, the breath test results, or even the police report. In turn, pointing out these issues could lead to a dismissal of the case or a reduction in charges or penalties.

2. Negotiating A Deal: One of the best things about DUI attorneys is that they are skilled in the art of negotiation. A DUI Defense Attorney in Wichita KS understands that prosecutors are interested in quickly moving cases along, and an attorney often uses this desire to the defendant’s advantage. Instead of allowing a prosecutor to simply banish their client to jail, they may be able to help negotiate a plea deal for them in which they can get reduced jail time or charges in exchange for a guilty plea. This type of negotiating is difficult for defendants to do on their own, especially when they aren’t familiar with DUI laws in their jurisdiction.

DUI cases can be challenging, but those challenges can often be overcome with the help of an experienced attorney. Not only will an attorney be an advocate for a first-time defendant during every phase of their case, but they have the knowledge necessary to help them get the best possible outcome in their case. Get in touch with the legal professionals at Rocky Wiechman Law to learn more about how an attorney can make all the difference for those seeking justice.

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