Why it Is Common to See a Lung Patient Using an Oxygen Concentrator in Las Vegas

Las Vegas residents with lung conditions like COPD generally need supplemental oxygen to breathe comfortably and stay active. In the past, that meant either remaining at home while using stationary equipment or lugging around heavy tanks. Today, it is more common to see a patient using an Oxygen Concentrator in Las Vegas. Users go about their lives and enjoy a steady supply of oxygen from the light, portable devices. Since they get oxygen from the air, concentrators never need refilling.

Oxygen Concentrators Provide Health Benefits

Patients often buy an Oxygen Concentrator in Las Vegas to improve their overall health. Users’ well-being increases because they have a steady supply of oxygen wherever they go. Research shows that wearing supplemental oxygen at least 15 hours a day increases lung patients’ survival rates. Concentrators can be used 24/7. Users are able to get the vital exercise needed for health, they sleep better, enjoy better moods, and improve mental alertness.

Portable Concentrators Travel Easily

No matter how oxygen is delivered to patients, it provides benefits. However, the typical Medical Equipment supplier primarily carries portable concentrators because they are the most practical option and are in demand. Portable devices are small enough to carry in a shoulder bag. Devices weigh only seven pounds, which is only slightly more than many laptop computers. They are so convenient that patients can travel, take care of daily tasks, and enjoy social lives while getting the extra oxygen they need. In fact, portable concentrators give many lung patients personal freedom for the first time in years.

Concentrators Never Run Out of Oxygen

Portable concentrators are also popular with lung patients because the units do not have to be refilled. Concentrators constantly purify air from the atmosphere and remove nitrogen. Users enjoy a steady supply of oxygen-rich air that is delivered through a cannula. Devices use batteries that last about four hours and can be recharged using any AC outlet.

Today lung patients often go about their lives and get supplemental oxygen through battery-operated, portable concentrators. The devices can be used anywhere because they deliver oxygen by filtering air in the atmosphere. They are so small and light patients can use them while participating in usual activities.

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