Why Montessori Pre-School Is Better Than Calumet City Pre-School

If you are wondering which is the better option, Montessori or traditional pre-school, you might be surprised as to the answer. In fact, many education experts think that pre school vs. Montessori: the best school for your toddler is actually Montessori. There are many reasons why this is so.


Montessori’s philosophy differs significantly from traditional preschool. For instance, public schools can each have their own ways of doing things, which can be very confusing for those who are quite young. On the other hand, Montessori schools like Calumet City pre-school all follow the same guiding philosophy, so that the same thing that is taught in one city or state will also be taught in another city or state.

Learning Through Play

When asked why pre school vs. Montessori: the best school for your toddler is almost always Montessori, many experts state that it is because the focus is on learning through play, instead of structured learning environments as traditional pre-schools offer. Children learn far better when they are allowed to express their creativity and imagination through a play-based environment.

Grouped By Age

In a Montessori Calumet City pre-school, the children are grouped by specific ages. This has been shown to enhance the learning experience of all children involved. The children in their classes are able to learn at their own pace, which gives them confidence in what they do.

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