One of the first and most costly mistakes any business makes when choosing a cloud server hosting company is to start by looking at the service’s cost. While cost is an essential factor for any business, a very low cost compared to other providers typically indicates a lack of service, features, or support.

Comparing Apples to Apples

One way that a low-cost cloud server hosting can appear to offer all the features and options of a higher-priced option is to use the term “package” or “service” but not clearly define what is included.

Be sure all performance levels, reliability and uptime factors, and other features are the same between cloud hosting providers at different price levels.

Limited Support

Having the confidence that technical support is always available is critical for most businesses. Look for hosting companies that are experienced in cloud hosting, work with recognized customers from around the world, and providers that have a top reputation in customer support and service.

Quality Performance

To provide optimized cloud server hosting requires both technical expertise as well as the right physical data centers. These are requirements for reliable, stable, and optimize cloud hosting providers.

There are some low-cost or free cloud hosting services that operate in bare-bones types of facilities. These are often in areas where stable power or networking connectivity is unreliable or limited. This can result in significant downtime and a poor quality end-user experience, even with a cloud-based application or software program.

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