Why So Many Are Thrilled with Their Curvier Brazilian Butt Lift Results

Different cultures generally have their own beauty preferences. While most American women were admired for their sleeker physiques in past years, today, more women from many different cultures desire a more shapely appearance. Learn why so many women and men are thrilled with their curvier rears following a BBL in the Chicago Loop area.

What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL?

The Brazilian butt lift, or BBL for short, is a plastic surgery procedure that transfers the patient’s own fat obtained through liposuction to the patient’s buttock area. This is often combined with body contouring treatments as well as liposuction.

Are the Results from a BBL Permanent?

As a general rule, patients may naturally absorb their transferred fat content by up to 50% over time. This depends on different factors including patient expectations, amount of fat transferred initially, patients age, weight and more.

However, sitting down with your chosen plastic surgeon during the initial consultation appointment gives both the patient and the surgeon a good understanding of exactly what each wants the post-surgical result to look like.

Patients can expect to retain approximately 50% or more of the transferred fat content, and this amount will usually remain permanent.

Benefits of Undergoing a BBL by a Chicago Loop Surgeon

A Brazilian butt lift seeks to redistribute the patient’s own fat content to the buttocks. Since the fat grafts are the patient’s own, rejection should not be an issue.

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