Why the New Owner Needs Advice from a Business Lawyer in Williston ND

The prospect of starting a new business venture is exciting, but it does mean making sure the operation is set up properly. That involves more than ordering letterhead and having business cards printed. There are a number of legal documents needed to firmly establish the business. Consulting with a business lawyer in Williston ND will make it easier to ensure everything is done in order.

Incorporating the Business

One of the first things that the Business Lawyer in Williston ND will do is help the client incorporate the business. This will involve deciding on how the operation will be structured, then choosing the right state for incorporation. Fortunately, this is not a difficult process, and the lawyer can have everything filed in no time at all.

Protecting Trademarks and Brand Names

As part of the business operation, the new owner has come up with some unique product names. In order to make sure no one else latches on to those names, it makes sense to establish ownership of those brand names. There may also be the need to establish trademarks for the company logo and other essentials. Even in the early stages of the business, this is important. The last thing any business owner needs is for another party to come in just as the company is taking off, copy the brand names, and secure trademarks for something they did not create.

Obtaining Business Licenses and Other Basics

The lawyer can also provide help with obtaining business licenses, permits when and as needed, and even provide some aid in terms of understanding the contracts associated with business liability insurance. All these functions help to protect the interests of the client and ensure the company is built on a solid foundation. With all the legal matters settled, it will be easier to focus on growing the business.

For help with setting up a new business or making changes to an existing one, contact a Business Lawyer today. After looking over what is already in place, it will be easy to help the client manage other tasks and ensure the legal affairs of the operation are in order.

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