Why Used Commercial Shelving is the Smart Way to Design Your Warehouse

Many businesses seek to expand their storage space by changing locations, expanding the current location, or remodeling. The most cost-efficient method for expansion is to remodel using used commercial shelving.

For buyers, used warehouse shelving can be a great deal as they can get used products for low prices. Used systems are available at a fraction of the cost of new systems, and if purchased from a reputable seller, they offer the same benefits as new industrial shelving units.

The following are a few reasons used commercial shelving is the right choice for your warehouse:

Used Shelving is Cost-Effective

You can find used pallet racking systems and other used commercial shelving in good condition and at a great price.

The extra money you would have used if you paid for a new shelving system can be spent elsewhere.

Buying Used Increases Cash Flow

Heavy duty shelving and other new equipment can make a big dent in the capital equipment budget for many companies. By investing in used shelving systems, you can avoid unnecessary expenditures and save funds to be used in other ways to benefit your company.

Buying Used Reduces Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

Buying your racking systems used can decrease your company’s carbon footprint by reducing your impact on waste build-up in landfills. By reusing old materials and repurposing old equipment, companies cut down waste.

Also, buying used equipment limits the number of new parts being manufactured, eliminating carbon emissions and material waste. Used equipment allows your company to go green.

To reduce your impact on the environment, choose used pallet racking systems and other used commercial shelving in your facility.

Used Equipment Avoids Initial Value Depreciation

Buying new equipment is a huge investment whose value depreciates over time. Because of this, buying used is a smart way to avoid significant depreciation of your equipment.

New equipment depreciates as much as 20 to 40% in the first year. When you buy used, you avoid that initial depreciation, allowing you to sell the equipment you bought for almost the same price you purchased it for as long as it is in good condition and isn’t outdated.


Businesses that use short term contracts require frequent moves and limited machinery use. Buying used equipment accommodates these needs.

Used commercial shelving systems are a more flexible alternative to buying new ones because you can buy the equipment easily and quickly re-sell it when the contract is up.

Used Racking is Easier to Acquire

A lot of new racking systems are custom-made and require extra time to manufacture and then ship to your warehouse to be installed. With used systems, you can usually collect your order right away.

Discontinued Racking Systems are Available in Used Condition

Older models of commercial shelving units that have been discontinued from manufacturing are available in used condition. For facilities still using these systems, used industrial shelving and the components enable you to keep using your current system or even expand it.

Wider Variety of Choices

The used commercial shelving market is massive and still growing. This large market is helpful to warehouse managers as they are likely to find a brand that meets the needs and requirements of their facility.

Used shelving systems are an affordable and fully functioning alternative to new racking systems. Buying used reduces the amount of money your company spends on storage and organization, without compromising quality.

Reputable companies will ensure the used commercial shelving they are selling has been stress tested and safe for use.

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