Why Would I Need to Replaster My Pool?

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Home Improvement

There are really only two reasons why pool replastering may be necessary. One reason is due to aesthetics. As a pool owner, you may be particular about the look of your pool. Though you can’t expect to have no stains at all, if the look and feel of the plaster is altered, you may want to redo it. The other reason may be due to leaks. The plaster is not structural, but plaster as the waterproof layer will need upkeep.

Plaster is the layer between the pool shell and the pool water. Most of the plastered pools today are made of either shotcrete or gunite. The plaster coat prevents the water from seeping through. It also protects the rebar reinforcement from being damaged by the water. It is very important that the plaster is intact to prevent the integrity of the structure from being altered. If you can see any bare spots or areas that are thinning, you should be concerned. Though patching is an option, redoing the pool will create a more appealing, even look. Patches will never quite match, therefore they will be visible.

The plaster should feel smooth and soft. When it is not, it can snag swimsuits and feels rough to the touch. This also creates a place for algae to build up. Generally, you can expect the plaster to last 15 to 25 years. This will depend on the upkeep though. Unbalanced chemicals can cause problems. A proper calcium level is 250 ppm. The pH level is also important and should be between 7.0 and 8.0.

Different kinds of stains can occur which may make you decide pool replastering is necessary. Mottling, which occurs naturally, can be more noticeable in plastered pools. Organic stains can also be seen and are due to plants. However, the chlorine should take care of these. You will also come across stains that can’t be removed; these are probably from dissolved metals like copper or iron. There are chemicals that can prevent them though.

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