Why Wrigleyville Parents Should Teach Their Children About Oral Health Care

You have likely heard that it is important for parents to set a good example when it comes to brushing and flossing. The habits children learn when they are young will be with them for their entire life. In addition to teaching your children how to brush and floss regularly, help them understand the importance of being their own advocate when it comes to dental care.

You don’t want your children growing up and only visiting that dentist in Wrigleyville when they have an emergency. You want them to get their teeth cleaned regularly. You want them to have their teeth examined by a qualified professional at least twice a year to detect and treat dental issues early.

Parents must teach their children the importance of learning about oral health and knowing the right questions to ask. If they are not their own advocate when they grow up, they won’t ask questions that can benefit them. They will seek a second opinion if they do not understand a treatment or agree with it. They won’t learn about beneficial products and treatments that can improve their oral health.

An adult who had parents who deeply cared about oral health will ask their dentist in Wrigleyville if there are tools or products they can use to improve their oral health routine. Their dentist may recommend specific products or the use of a pressurized water flosser.

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