Why You Should Choose Terracotta Pots for Container Gardening

Container gardening has made a big splash in recent years. Whether it’s because an individual has limited outdoor space, they have spare terracotta pots to use, because they’re living in an apartment and don’t have an area where they can permanently plant their gardens or simply because they enjoy the look and appeal of plants in containers, there are many reasons an individual may choose to garden in this manner.

However, one of the key things any individual should be thinking about when planning for container gardening is the types of pots they will be using. While there are many options available, time and again, people choose terracotta pots. Not only do they have a beautiful, classic appeal, but they may also be the healthiest choice for your plants. Let’s look at the many reasons you should be choosing terracotta pots as you plan your own garden.

Why Terracotta Is the Healthiest Choice

From plastic to ceramic to metal tubs, many options have sprung up over the years as solutions for gardeners who plant in containers. However, terracotta pots, while being perhaps the oldest option, has stuck around in large part due to how healthy they are for plants. One of the great advantages of terracotta pots is their ability to help retain heat in a plant, which is especially important for those living in areas with colder weather. Terracotta pots are also well known for absorbing moisture and keeping the soil around plants from drying out.

Terracotta Has Classic Appeal

Some people may say outdated, but those who are in the know realize terracotta is timeless. With terracotta pots, someone designing an outdoor space has virtually limitless options when it comes to creating a garden. From simple, basic pots that can be painted with one’s own designs to terracotta pots adorned with gorgeous, Tuscan-inspired details, there is something for pretty much any taste.

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