Why You Should Consider Using Wooden Ear Stretchers

One fashion trend that is starting to become very much in style is the ear plug or ear tunnels. Wearing these pieces of jewelry means that first, with a lot of time and patience, you need to stretch out the piercings in your ear lobes. This makes larger holes in your ear lobes which are the right size to accommodate whatever size ear plug you wish to wear. When you are first stretching out your ear lobes, however, you need to out in certain pieces known as ear stretchers. Of course, your ears will be extremely sensitive during this period. The best option you can go for is to use wooden ear stretchers.

Wooden Ear Stretchers Take Good Care Of Your Ears

The thing about gradually stretching out your ear lobes to accommodate ear plugs or tunnels is that your ears are under a lot of stress. There is a wound all around the hole that is healing, only to be opened up again. Because of this, keeping the area clean and sanitary is of the utmost importance. You also want to be careful of what material your ear stretchers are made of. Wood is an excellent choice, as opposed to other materials such as acrylic or metal. It is light and breathable, porous and helps to prevent the buildup of bacteria.

Wooden Ear Stretchers Provide Distinctive Style

For many people, the natural appearance of and beautiful patterns contained in wood is highly attractive. Wooden ear stretchers come in a wide variety of woods, from light to dark shades. Each set of wooden ear stretchers has its own unique grain. You can choose a color that will coordinate beautifully with your personal style and look amazing against your skin tone. If you like, then you can change up the appearance as you progress to larger sets of ear stretchers.

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