Why You Should Use Chlorine Free Water Treatment for Your Swimming Pool

When you have a custom, upscale swimming pool installed on your property, it is not uncommon to see the price reach the five and six figure range. In fact, the high end designs combined with a number of other features such as stone waterfalls and slides, can continue to push the price of modern swimming pools up. As a result, more and more consumers have begun to demand a way to protect the longevity of their investment. This is where we come in at Clearwater pools. We now offer a number of options, including a chlorine free water treatment that will help your pool remain looking and functioning great, without some of the adverse side effects that are common with other pools.

Some of the reason you should consider utilizing our chlorine free water treatment are highlighted here.

Eliminate of Pool Scale

You will know your pool has developed scale when you begin to see a white, hard and chalky deposit on the sides of your pool. This scale is extremely unattractive and can be very difficult to get rid of without damaging a portion of your pool’s beauty. However, if you have a traditional salt or chlorine system, scale is extremely common and may wind up causing damage to your pool as well as the equipment you use in your pool.

However, when you use our chlorine free water treatment for your pool you can completely eliminate pool scale, keeping your pool looking great.

Elimination of Chlorine and Salt

Chlorine is extremely unhealthy and salt is considered corrosive. In the past, a number of pool builders have claimed that the salt in these systems is so small that no damage occurs. However, this is simply not true. When you use our chlorine free water treatment you can have confidence that there is no adverse reaction to the chemicals that are found in traditional pools. Clearwater Pools offers you the healthy system you want at a price you can actually afford. We also eliminate the need for salt and chlorine, making your swimming time healthy and comfortable.

Reduction in Color Fading

Another benefit offered by our chlorine free water treatment from Clearwater Pools is that it will not cause any bleaching out of the pools liner or walls, like chlorine and salt system can do. This means your pool will look great much longer than using other options.

When it comes to installing a swimming pool, let our team of professionals from Clearwater Pools help you find the right system for your needs. We offer all types of pools at different price points ensuring you can get just what you want for your swimming enjoyment.

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