Will Humanely Relocated Raccoons Return to Your Property?

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Wildlife Control

After you have hired professional raccoon removal in Alexandria, VA, you will have already read a lot of information about raccoons across the Internet as you research the problem before employing the experts. You may have learned that raccoons have a great sense of direction and their smell is excellent. Are they likely to find their way back to your property?

Consider Your State Rules

Raccoons may look nice and friendly, but they do want to take over your property so they can expand their family and you are a threat to their livelihood. You are providing their food and water by leaving your garbage easily accessible around your yard. Nevertheless, they do carry dangerous bacteria which can cause serious illness to your family and pets. This is so extremely serious that they must be removed from your property as soon as possible by experts in raccoon removal in Alexandria VA.

Experts predict that the raccoons must be removed at a distance of at least 25 miles from your property, to lose the ability to find their way back to your home. While this is a task, you should not try to accomplish yourself, because unless you understand the professional equipment required, you may breathe in dangerous bacteria or touch the feces and urine they leave behind.

Humane Removal Is Necessary

Humane removal is required by law, and because it is unlikely that you will know where raccoons can be transferred to, you should leave this task to the professionals for raccoon removal in Alexandria, VA.

Raccoons are trapped by the experts, and these traps are taken to safe removal areas.

To prevent further infestation, the same removal experts will be able to analyze your property and help you seal any potential access points so that you can prevent raccoons from entering your property and restarting the cycle, although it is unlikely to be the same raccoons you have recently had removed.

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