Window Treatments: Knowing Your Options

When it comes to making the windows in your home both beautiful and fully functional, you have to consider all of your options regarding window treatments. Houston interior design professionals can walk you through the options available and help you determine which are right for you. There are a few different things you’ll want to consider, and this short article will help you get an idea of what you need to discuss with your designer prior to your consultation.

Use of the Space
The first thing you’ll want to consider when choosing treatments for your windows is the room’s purpose and use. Is it a common space orbedroom? What about a home office area? While natural light works well 24/7 in some places, there are others that call for a mix of shading and lighting. In these situations, you can combine curtains with blinds, or opt for curtains that can be adjusted depending on your needs. Shades also offer light control, but provide a slightly different look than blinds.

Look of the Space
Window treatments can certainly enhance the look of your space, but choosing a style that contradicts your current décor could be counterproductive. To avoid any clashing, your design professional will determine which options will blend seamlessly. For example, valances can be a beautiful touch in more traditionally designed rooms, but they can look out of place in spaces that have a more modern styling to them. On top of that, fabric choice and color can make or break your treatments, so it’s important that they work with your existing or planned décor.

Know Your Goals
Keep in mind that adding new blinds or curtains can completely transform a room if done correctly. Whether you’re interested in a big change or just a slight improvement, these are important things to consider when speaking with your interior designer. By combining beautiful styles with functional and easy-to-use light control options, you truly can’t go wrong when you choose to update your home’s window treatments. Take a look at your current décor and ask yourself: is it time to give my home a window treatment update?

If you’re interested in working with a professional interior designer, visit With years of experience and a wide range of window treatment options, Jann and her team can help you create the space of your dreams without the hassle.

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