Wood Fence Options to Consider in St Paul

Proud homeowners love to showcase their property, but many also want some privacy when they are outdoors. This is best handled through the professional installation of a Wood Fence in St Paul, MN. Thanks to fence companies like Dakota Unlimited, homeowners can choose from a variety of cedar products to meet their individual needs. This includes privacy fencing that blocks outside visibility while creating an elegant barrier, picket fences that offer security with a little bit of nostalgia, or lattice fencing that serve as a strong, decorative screen. Regardless of the style, customers can rest assured that the finished product will be sturdy, well-crafted, and guaranteed.

Many property owners often think all wood fences are expensive. The fact is, depending on the area enclosed and style of fence used, a cedar fence can be just as cheap as several other fencing options. An individual will never know for sure unless a contractor visits to assess the situation. This is why companies like Dakota Unlimited encourage people to Get a FREE Estimate before making a rash decision. The estimate will incorporate all the labor and materials needed to complete the job along with any specific requests the customer may have. A potential start date and project length will also be provided. If the price doesn’t fit within the customer’s budget, the contractor can discuss less expensive options that provide the same level of security without sacrificing curb appeal. Taking advantage of this free service will confirm that a homeowner’s vision is possible while also opening up other design alternatives that may never have been considered.

Sometimes, installing a Wood Fence in St Paul isn’t the route a homeowner wants to take. They still want the same privacy and security a cedar fence provides, but are looking for something different. Companies like Dakota Unlimited can meet this need through their maintenance free options. This includes PVC, vinyl, and simulated wood fencing made from plastic composite products. All three of these durable materials can build a non-fading fence that looks just as good as wood while also withstanding the natural elements. Wood fences experience some warping and loss of color over the years. With the exception of a natural disaster or accidental impact, maintenance free fencing lives up to its name. Owners can enjoy these fences for years on end without having to deal with any major flaws or unexpected problems.

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