Working With Our Property Lawyers In Dubai

STA is a law firm with an extensive practice throughout the UAE as well as internationally. Experienced and effective, our property lawyers can provide the services needed for both UAE nationals as well as foreign investors searching for residential and commercial property.

We are well known throughout the UAE and have been involved in some of the leading construction and real estate projects throughout the emirates. Our property lawyers can provide support throughout the search for the property as well as in the negotiation of the purchase.

As many of the larger commercial and residential developments in Dubai involve multiple parties, our expertise and experience are essential. Our experience also extends to working with most of the large investors, developers, and contractors in the area, and these past successful projects make future projects much easier to coordinate.

Ensuring Full Legal Support

The teams of lawyers working in our property, real estate and construction areas of practice can work with investors and other groups involved in any size of the project.

Throughout the project, from negotiations on the purchase or sale through to contact development, risk assessment and even analysis of the project, our team of lawyers is here to provide the services required.

Proactive management of the development planning and construction phase of the property is also managed by our property lawyers. With a history of working in these types of projects and negotiating with the different parties involved can provide significant protection and risk mitigation for our clients.

In the event there is a legal issue during the project, we represent our clients in direct negotiation, through arbitration or, if needed, through the litigation process. However, with effective proactive planning and legal structuring of the project, the potential for liability and contractual issues during the Dubai project can be greatly reduced. Visit the website .

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