Would You Send Your Kids To A Preschool Summer Camp For St. Augustine Youngsters?

by | Feb 6, 2015 | Education

Before thinking about the pros and cons of any Preschool Summer Camp around St. Augustine in Florida; what exactly do we mean by “preschool”. Obviously we mean “before school” but, how does that translate into a youngster’s age? A newborn babe is of preschool age but hardly a candidate for a preschool summer camp In St. Augustine area or anywhere else. These days, most kids start formal education in kindergarten at around 5 years of age but there is a growing trend for parents to enrol their kids into voluntary pre-kindergarten programs at around 4 years of age. Does this mean that a Preschool Summer Camp In St. Augustine caters for kids that are younger than 4 years old?

What Might Happen At A Preschool Summer Camp In St. Augustine?
Summer camps are quite an old feature of American life and, traditionally, they were held in the countryside (often in a woody place near to a lake) where the kids stayed for several days participating in a range of outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, canoeing, archery, etc and indulged in nightly sing songs around a campfire. All such traditional camps were under adult supervision but, they would not have been suitable for pre-school aged kids.

However, summer camps have evolved of late and there are now many specialized camps where activities center around music, the performing arts, computers, literature, etc and even religious activities. These camps do not need to be isolated in the countryside and might not involve overnight attendance. It is well within the scope of specialized camps to provide the activities, duration and locations suitable for kids as young as 3 or 4 years of age thus giving them an opportunity to attend Preschool Summer Camp In St. Augustine.

Let’s look more closely at a religious camp for preschoolers. Possibly such a Preschool Summer Camp In St. Augustine will be open all summer but probably only between Mondays and Fridays and only for a few hours each day. The youngsters would sleep at their homes each night and be with their parents over the weekend. These camps would be under the supervision of a local religious organization.

When the organization is Christian in nature, bible classes are likely to be a major part of the camp activities but there will also be ample opportunities for the kids to go on interesting field trips and participate in other basic instruction programs (such as learning to play musical instruments). Because these camps are for the very young and are definitely not intended to be forced indoctrination centers; there will be much emphasis on game playing and having fun while acquiring useful information and developing better character habits.

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