You Are Protected Under the Michigan Lemon Law

If you are dealing with a vehicle that you consider to be a “lemon,” then the protections afforded consumers under the Michigan Lemon Law may be helpful to you during this difficult and frustrating time. Under the law, all vehicles that are purchased new or leased are covered. Another basic tenant of the Michigan Lemon Law is that a vehicle’s issue is not defined by the manufacturer, but by the consumer. That is a huge plus. Also, in Michigan vehicles are covered under the Lemon Law once they have remained in the repair shop for 30 days or up to two years AFTER a lemon problem is discovered. The caveat there is that the problem must be discovered during the first 12 months of your purchasing the vehicle.

Your Responsibilities

You must allow the manufacturer a reasonable amount of time to repair the problem with a vehicle. Make sure that you keep everything that might be useful in proving your case. That includes the names of everyone you have contact with at the dealership and the manufacturer, the date of every incident and what the mileage was on the car, all your service records, service tickets, invoices, and anything else you think may be important. When you talk to people at the dealership or the manufacturer, jot down brief notes on what was said. Prior to having your vehicle repaired for the fourth time, you need to contact the manufacturer and tell them that you believe you have a “lemon.”

Time to Hire a Michigan Lemon Law Attorney?

You have kept every bit of paper. You have provided the manufacturer with the proper notification. You may even have attempted arbitration. Yet you are still angry, frustrated, and getting no satisfaction. Now is the time to hire Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center®. They have 20+ years of experience specializing in Lemon Laws nationwide.

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