You Need to Call a Workplace Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured while you are at work, you need a workplace injury lawyer. There are many different kinds of workplace injuries and many laws that govern them. There are company statutes that govern them, union regulations, and also laws. The laws can be local, state, or federal laws. In many cases, you will have overlapping laws that govern different industries. It can all be very complicated and very complex. To deal with such confusing laws and regulations, you need to work with a good lawyer to help you determine how to move forward. That’s why you need to call a lawyer who specializes in workplace injuries.

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation is the money you are owed after you have been injured on the job. There are many different ways to determine whether you are owed money and how much you are owed. Many states have schedules of different payments and pay specific amounts depending on the severity of the injury. Others allow you to argue in arbitration about the different types of compensation you might be awarded. You have to first prove that you were in fact injured, and then you have to prove that it was not your fault. A workplace injury lawyer can help you do so.

Finally, you have to prove that the injury was the fault of your employer. Evans & Evans Attorneys at Law can help you with that process.

Proving Fault

It can be difficult to prove that an injury was the fault of your employers. You basically have to prove that they were either negligent, or that the injury was a reasonable risk at your job. For example, if you are working on a ladder and fall off, you will need to prove that you could not avoid falling off the ladder or that the ladder was faulty to begin with. Then the lawyer can help you argue for compensation.

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