You’ll Think You’ve Turned Back the Clock after a Facelift Style

In our youth-oriented society, people struggle to see past a person’s hanging jowls, wrinkles and bags under their eyes. That older person just looks old, tired and slow. The good news is that a well-done facelift in Chicago can give the patient a much younger appearance.

Surgical Procedures

Surgical facelifts are done with a specific goal in mind. They are as follows:

Add volume to cheeks

Tighten the neck skin

Define the jawline

Remove hanging jowls skin

Remove sagging facial skin

Non-Surgical Procedures

There are many non-surgical procedures that can improve your skin. They are as follows:

Ultratherapy – This procedure shrinks the muscle layer under saggy facial skin, resulting in tighter skin.

Radio-Frequency Energy – This procedure reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Pulse Light Procedure – In this procedure, a laser light makes target areas appear younger.

Chemical Peels – This procedure removes damaged layers of skin.

Filler – This injection fixes deep dents in lower eyelids and elsewhere.

Botox – This injection relaxes face wrinkles.

Vampire Facelift – An injection of your own blood gives your face volume.

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Wrinkles, sags and bags in the face and neck make a person appear old, but a tightened face and neck don’t call attention to the person’s age. A facelift in Chicago style, performed at the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute by a skilled surgeon, would improve your look. Read about the institute’s services on and then book a free consultation.