Your Guide to Choosing Great Work from Home Chairs

Whether you are purchasing a new desk chair for your own home office or investing in chairs for your employees, you know that finding good work from home chairs in Singapore isn’t easy.

That’s not because there aren’t options on the market; there are so many options, in fact, that narrowing them down can be difficult.

To keep things simple, here are the handful of features you and your employees really need to work comfortably, productively, and safely at home:


How comfortable are you right now? The quality of the chair or seat you’re sitting on is probably part of the answer.

Whether you sit for short periods or spend all day in your office chair, look for one that offers comfort from the neck right down to the seat. Armrests, neck support cushions, and other features are worth the investment in this respect.


Proper lumbar support is an absolute must when it comes to a good desk or office chair. This helps the user to sit comfortably for longer periods, but also prevents that comfort from impacting their spine negatively.

Often, we slump in chairs to get comfortable temporarily. After a long day of work, though, that temporary comfort can yield some lasting damage to our neck, neck, and hips. A good lumbar support system helps prevent this without making the user uncomfortable in the meantime!


In line with both a comfortable seat and proper back and neck support, good work from home chairs should also be adjustable.

Your team is comprised of people with varying heights, weights, and body builds. Even if you’re just buying a chair for yourself, you know that your body is different from the next customer in line – you need a chair that can suit you both by adjusting accordingly!

Look for a chair that offers adjustable height, an adjustable seat, and movement that can be made as free-flowing or stable as the user needs. These elements will help make sitting in the chair a comfortable pleasure, rather than something to dread about your workday!