Your Guide to Podiatry in Kenosha, WI

Podiatry is a specialty area of medicine that specifically deals with feet and ankles. If you’ve never had any trouble below the knees, chances are that you may be confused about how to find a great podiatrist and where to even begin looking.

Referrals and Insurance

Finding a practice that specializes in podiatry in Kenosha, WI may seem challenging, but you can begin by asking people in the area for referrals. It is likely that someone in your network has needed a podiatrist and may be able to point you towards a podiatry practice. Podiatry is a broad field and not all practices accept the same insurance you currently have, so a great resource for knowing which podiatrists are covered is your insurance helpline. They will be able to provide a list of included podiatrists in the area.

Questions to Ask

After finding a possible podiatrist, you may be unsure what to ask before making an appointment. The most important question to ask is if the podiatry practice is accepting new patients. If they are, continue to explain why you need a podiatrist and ask them if they have all the necessary equipment in the office, such as X-rays and a lab. Consider finding out what hospital the podiatrist is associated with and make sure he or she is board certified and qualified to properly diagnose your ailments.

After the Appointment

Following your first meeting with the new podiatrist, make sure you feel like all questions were answered and the recommendations were constructive. If the doctor took the time to get to know you and evaluate all possible causes of your condition, that is a great sign that you will get the help you need from a great doctor. View our website for additional frequently asked questions and other services offered.

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