Your Industrial Fastener Supplier Serving Various Industries

Various options are available to industrial contractors and facility owners when it comes to industrial fasteners for certain applications. The different options include stainless steel screws and fasteners in addition to fasteners for specialized applications such as the military. An industrial fastener distributor can help you make the right fastener selections. At Class C Components, you rely on our knowledge and experience as a trusted provider among industrial fastener suppliers.

An experienced and knowledgeable fastener supplier can provide you with the assistance you need to select the right fasteners for your project applications.

Industry Reliability and Experience
In the selection of an industrial fastener supplier, it is essential to consider the experience of the supplier. A strong track record of reliable services is another important attribute to evaluate among industrial fastener suppliers. You also want to check their ability to deliver in a timely manner.

When evaluating industrial suppliers of fasteners, obtain references from the company of its past clients or consult with anyone in your family or among friends and acquaintances who may have received services or products from the company.

Industrial Fastener Supply for Numerous Applications
At Class C Components, we are your source for a wide array of industrial fasteners, including anchors, screws, socket products, bolts, electronic hardware, rivets, bent bolts, bearings, nuts, clips and clamps, washers, retaining rings, threaded rod, kits, pins, weld nuts, and other regular and metric fasteners.

Exceptional Fastener Supplier
Often a variety of different bolts, nuts, and other fasteners are necessary to meet the specifications and various requirements of a large industrial project. Sometimes old fasteners need replaced or new fasteners are needed for new structures and equipment. An experienced provider among industrial fastener suppliers can help you obtain the fasteners you need to maintain your equipment and operations without unnecessary downtime.