Your Options for Neuropathy Treatments in Joliet, IL

Ankle pain can be quite debilitating, but in instances where people have pain because of an injury, eventually, the injury will heal. Sometimes, with a bit of physical therapy, a person can go back to their normal lives. However, there are instances where people may feel neuropathy in their ankle, and more substantially, in their feet. This is sort of neuropathy is problematic, but there are Neuropathy Treatments in Joliet IL that can be successful.

Symptoms of Neuropathy

Most people relate neuropathy with tingling, a slight burning sensation or numbness in a particular area of the body, in this case in the toes and feet. However, there are people that not only experience all of these aforementioned symptoms but also experience significant burning as well as a fair amount of pain. In these situations, finding proper Neuropathy Treatments in Joliet IL is imperative.

Conservative Treatments

Depending on the reason for the neuropathy, orthotic devices might be able to help repair some of the damage and significantly reduce the side effects of neuropathy. For temporary and immediate relief, many people have turned to cortisone injections. However, this is temporary, and a person can put their health in jeopardy if they receive too many cortisone shots in a short time. Visit here for more details.

Removing or Destroying Problematic Nerves

There are situations where conservative Neuropathy Treatments in Joliet IL are unsuccessful at relieving what can be rather debilitating neuropathy pain and discomfort. In these situations, especially if the nerve damage is permanent and cannot be healed, a patient will have two options. They can opt to have the nerve in question chemically destroyed, or they can opt for decompression surgery to remove the problematic nerve. This will result in a significant loss of feeling, but it is extremely successful in completely alleviating the pain that many people are dealing with because of neuropathy.

The many types of treatments available are all important to try before opting for the nerve being destroyed or removed. In many cases, conservative treatments can be extremely helpful in allowing people to minimize their discomfort. However, whatever your situation is, it may be best to speak with the experts at Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates in Joliet IL to determine a treatment plan and a path moving forward to help you better deal with any pain and discomfort caused by foot or ankle neuropathy.

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