Zensports Reveals the Top Online Mobile Sports to Bet On

Mobile sports betting is a great way to indulge in your gambling side without having to visit Las Vegas! There are so many sports to focus on, which can make it difficult to decide where to focus your time and energy. Read on to discover the different sports you can bet on.

How to Bet On Football

Betting on the professional football games can be as fun as watching the game. Millions of people are enjoying a wager on the different games. If you are entirely new to NFL betting, you will start to see why it’s a great opportunity! You can bet on a single game in the NFL or you can bet on multiple games.

When betting on a single game, many people choose to bet against the spread. This is one of the ways the sportsbooks level the playing field. The favored team has to win the game by a specific number of points (which is called the spread). The spread encourages people to bet on both sides, allowing the underdog to have a bit more credibility.

When betting on multiple games, you can use parlays and teasers to bet on more than one game in a week.

NBA Betting

Mobile sports betting isn’t limited to football. Basketball has become a popular sport to bet on as well. Similar to the NFL, the NBA betting has a point spread. If you bet on the favorite, the team will need to win by a specific number of points. If you bet the underdog, they have to have a certain score on the board.


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