3 Little-Known Facts That Make Hiring Personal Injury Lawyers in Olympia, WA an Injured Worker’s Best Bet

Getting hurt on the job is often a devastating event, especially if the accident renders the victim unable to work. Many times the difficulties victims face as they seek compensation take them by surprise. Here’s a just a few of the little-known issues that can make or break a workers’ compensation case and some of the ways an attorney can help resolve them.

Fact #1: There Are Established Compensation Limits

Workers’ compensation benefits have already been set by law and can be as low as 60 percent of an employee’s wages. Because workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, employees cannot sue their employer for additional compensation. However, experienced personal injury lawyers in Olympia, WA may be able to uncover hidden opportunities to sue a third party (the manufacturer of a poorly-made ladder used at a construction site, for example) for additional compensation if they truly played a role in the injury.

Fact #2: Disputes Over Injuries And Treatment Are Common

The Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) and their employer both have the right to request that they be examined by doctors of their choosing. Unfortunately, their assessment of the victim’s condition may differ from that of their regular doctor, which could negatively impact the amount of compensation they receive. Once again, the help of knowledgeable personal injury lawyers in Olympia, WA come in handy here, as they’ll be able to fight on the victim’s behalf for a fair medical evaluation so they can receive maximum benefits.

Fact #3: Returning to Work May Be More Difficult Than Anticipated

The laws requiring job retraining for workers’ compensation recipients have been done away with, and even those with severe injuries may find themselves in awe at the amount of “pushback” they receive if they try to claim total permanent disability. Personal injury attorneys have in-depth experience with presenting medical, vocational, and other types of proof in a legal setting in a way that puts the victim in the best position to receive the job retraining or the total permanent disability benefits they need.

For those facing the seeming devastation of workplace injury, having an attorney on their side advocating for them may be the best decision they can make for themselves. Schedule an appointment with the legal professionals at Putnam Lieb Potvin to learn more about how the right workers’ compensation lawyer can make all the difference in a victim’s case and in their future.