Call a Podiatrist for Diabetic Ulcer Treatments in Joliet, Il

Considering the amount of stress placed on a normal foot each day, a person can understand why pain seems to begin for no reason. Even the very young can experience difficulty walking on feet that are flat. With children playing in school sports from tennis to soccer, football, basketball, and even bowling, anything can happen to their feet and ankles. Diseases, such as diabetes can also cause traumatic pain to the tissues, ligaments, and tendons of a patient’s feet. Many people suffer from the stinging, numbing, burning effects of neuropathy.

Diabetics try to manage their A1C levels with proper diet, medications, and insulin injections, and they try to maintain weight by getting the right amount of exercise. For many diabetics, all the above don’t seem to help the way they should. Many develop ulcers on their feet that require Diabetic Ulcer Treatments in Joliet IL. Sometimes, ulcers don’t want to heal very quickly and need treatments by qualified podiatrists who can keep the ulcers from becoming infected and causing further damage to the foot.

Professional podiatrists educate their patients on caring for their feet while away from the office. They teach the patient whether he or she should stay off of it and how to clean the wound to keep it from further irritation and infection. Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates in Joliet IL work each day to alleviate the pain diabetics feel when they have ulcers or neuropathy.

They offer Diabetic Ulcer Treatments in Joliet IL plus educate their patients on what to look for when they examine and care for their feet at home. They should look for swelling, blisters, and redness plus any drainage from between their toes. They, or their caregiver, need to search for any cuts or nails that are chipped or sharp and could cause damage to the skin of the other toes.

When a person is experiencing any of the issues just discussed, they should immediately make an appointment with the experts offering Diabetic Ulcer Treatments in Joliet Il. Don’t take one chance if a draining blister is seen. Call a podiatrist immediately or call your primary care physician who will call them to set up a special appointment.

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