3 Packing Tips to Help You Save Before You Contact Pembroke, GA, Movers

You may be planning a short move to another part of your favorite city or a long distance move to another state, but either situation requires packing up your belongings. Few people realize that how they pack can affect the cost of moving, but this is an important factor to consider. Here are a few ways you can save as you pack everything up into corrugated shipping boxes.

Separate Everything Into Three Piles
Before you even consider packing up your belongings, you will need to consider what you really need to take with you. If you can reduce how much you bring on the move, you’ll require less space on your moving truck. The three pile system helps you determine what you’ll take, what you’ll throw away, and what you can sell quickly. By selling some of your belongings, you’ll have more money for your move.

Pay For Boxes
It may seem counterproductive to pay for boxes, but this can actually save you money by reducing the risks that your belongings will be damaged. While you can take free boxes from area stores, those boxes have been used and have likely traveled hundreds of miles before ending up at your grocery store. Alternatively, buying corrugated shipping boxes will give you strong, unused boxes that can withstand a move and long-term storage. This means your fragile or valuable belongings will be better protected.

Look For Alternative Uses For Your Belongings
You have plenty of packing materials that can help you use fewer boxes. One popular method is to use clothing to protect items that are easily broken or damaged. You can also use plastic food containers to hold cords and cables, screws from disassembled furniture, and other small components. Just be sure to label everything to ensure you’ll know where each container belongs.

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