3 Tips for Purchasing the Right Corrugated Boxes Wholesale in Pembroke GA

Sturdy packaging is what you need to fill all those customer orders. In order to keep costs within reason while still offering quality, it makes sense to purchase your corrugated boxes wholesale. Here are some tips that will help you order enough to ensure you never run out and have to delay shipments.

Take a look at your usage of boxes during the past calendar year. Doing so makes it possible to allow for seasonal upturns around the holidays. If possible, compare the totals with your usage for the same period in the previous year. This should indicate if you need to keep the orders at the same quantities or if you should consider increasing them.

Identify the size boxes that you utilize most of the time. This will account for the bulk of your order and ensure that there’s always a box on hand to fill an order quickly. Keep in mind that you may need to keep smaller quantities on hand that are right for smaller and less frequent orders.

Do see if it’s possible to get a discount on the unit price based on the quantities that you order. Assuming you have storage space that’s climate-controlled, feel free to order enough to warrant the discount. If your business fills a lot of online orders or routinely ships goods out in boxes, the savings per year could be significant.

Remember that the suppliers of corrugated boxes wholesale are often happy to work with customers. Talk with a representative and see what type of deal can be arranged. The relationship could turn out to be mutually beneficial for a long time.

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