3 Reasons for the Increase in Cremation Services In Hamilton, OH

In the 1960’s fewer than 4% of Americans chose cremation. A changing culture has now pushed that figure to over 50%, even in areas with long-established funeral traditions. For instance, environmental concerns have driven a demand for Cremation Services In Hamilton OH. Area residents also choose cremation because it makes funeral planning easier and is affordable.

Burial Is Not Considered Eco-Friendly

Increased requests for Cremation Services In Hamilton OH have been partially spurred by worries over land use and pollution. Many citizens feel that traditional burials use valuable property that could be converted for greener purposes. They also worry that embalming fluid might seep into the earth and poison it. Eco-friendly clients often choose cremation as a way to avoid consuming natural materials like the wood and concrete that goes into coffins and grave vaults.

Cremation Simplifies Funeral Planning

Clients often choose cremation because it offers a lot of flexibility during funeral planning. The cremation process is generally fast and simple. Once providers are notified of a death they pick up the body, return it to a holding facility and then cremate it, often within a day or so. The ashes are returned to families in simple containers that can be stored until arrangements are complete. Most businesses also offer clients the option to buy upgraded urns or even memorial jewelry designed to hold tiny amounts of ashes. Since there is no body to preserve or transport, services can be held in virtually any location imaginable and often take place weeks or months after death occurs.

Funeral Costs Have Been Rising

The increased cost of traditional funerals is also responsible for the growing number of cremations. A fairly basic funeral that includes visitation, services, cemetery burial and headstone typically runs between $7,000 and $10,000. In order to make these arrangements, families generally have to visit funeral homes, speak to representatives at length, make a series of choices and then sign contracts. Those who opt for cremation can often make arrangements and pay online. Complete cremation packages often cost less than $1,000.

Modern funerals often include cremation, an affordable option that can simplify funeral planning. Many families also opt for cremation because it is an earth-friendly choice that helps to conserve land and prevent pollution associated with buried remains.

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