Establishing A Positive Relationship With Your Vet And Vet Clinic

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Animal Hospitals

Finding the best veterinarian available for your companion animal is important. However, you need to institute from the very beginning a positive relationship with your vet and vet clinic. Failure to do so can result in poor communication, disgruntled staff, and a very unhappy pet. If you want your animal to continue to receive the best veterinarian care possible, consider these six suggestions.

Six Basic Suggestions

If you want to make certain the relationship flows smoothly, you should consider the six following points.

1. Phone ahead: Make an appointment in advance. Unless it is an emergency always consult the staff about a booking

2. Be on time: Like doctors, vets expect you to be on time. Even if they are late, don’t you and your pet be

3. Go prepared: If your pet has been exhibiting unusual symptoms, compile a list to give to the vet. This will save time. If nothing else, it gives a timeline and clarifies the reason for the visit

4. Samples: If asked, or you think it is important, bring in a fecal sample.

5. Restraints: If your pet is difficult to examine or handle, make sure your vet knows this in advance. Bring in your own restraints and do what you can to protect your vet and other animals in the clinic from injury

6. Office Etiquette: Check in. Do not let your animal have contact with another unless you receive permission. Do not let your animal run free unless the vet clinic staff permits it.

These simple suggestions will help produce a positive experience with your vet and the clinic.

Before Leaving the Vet Clinic

Never leave the vets without being completely clear on what is to follow. Whether it is medication or a recheck, always talk to the staff at the desk of the vet clinic. They can clarify any matters. This will simplify any follow-ups. This will help you understand, and your pet recover.

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