3 Reasons Shaker Doors Are So Popular

When you love your home and you want everything to be just right, there is no detail that is too small. Perhaps this is the reason why Shaker doors appeal to so many people, as they are still made with the simple yet elegant lines of the original Shaker furniture.

Shaker doors come in a wide variety of different looks, styles, designs and options. However, you will find that the basic elements of the door are the same as the handcrafted doors and furniture that is very similar to the Mission and the Amish styles. In common, you will find clear, crisp and distinctive geometric lines with the beauty of the wood and the lines of the door rails, frame and panels taking center stage.

Style Variations

The most common types of Shaker doors, especially for interior use, are designed with horizontal panels. These can be small or large, and with many designs, there can be different sizes of the panels or they can be equally spaced up the door.

In addition, you may find a T-shape in the style of the design of the doors, with the top 1/3 inset panel in a square, and the two longer vertical rectangles forming the outside of the T below.

New styles of Shaker doors can include glass lites where the panels would be, making a beautiful option for an interior or exterior door. With style elements you can choose a clear glass; perfect for a library, living room, kitchen, entertainment room or home office door, or for more privacy, let’s say for a bedroom or bathroom, choose a frosted, seedy or reed glass.

Options in Wood

It is important to select a beautiful wood for your Shaker doors, as staining the doors is much more traditional than painting. With oak, you can select a very light to a more golden color of stain, while mahogany goes better with darker browns and reds.

Another option to consider is knotty alder, which has the dark colored knots throughout the wood for extra character and a unique look to every door. These are very popular as solid wood or with one of the glass options.

There are Shaker doors that are designed for interior use, but the design can also be carried through to your exterior door needs as well. Not all manufacturers offer the exterior option in this design, but it will be worth your effort to find a qualified seller who does.

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