Easy Steps for Changing Filters on an Air Conditioner

Air toxins, pet dander, dust mites, debris, and molds are all substances that can contaminate indoor air. To remove these materials, return air is treated by passing through a filter. When an Air Conditioner has a dirty filter, it can result in higher energy costs and inefficient air conditioning. The following guidelines can be used to regularly change filters.

First, the filter compartment has to be located. This part of the Air Conditioner is usually in the return air duct. It is around the furnace in some AC systems. Remove the cover to this compartment. Set the cover and any fasteners it uses to the side. Carefully slide the filter out so contents on its surface won’t fly into the air. Set the filter to the side and vacuum out the filter compartment using the hand attachment to a vacuum.

A filter will either be a reusable filter or a disposable filter. The measurements on a disposable filter can be used to buy the right replacement filter. When these are not visible, simply measure the height, width, and depth of the old filter. A basic cardboard reusable filter costs about $2 to $3.50. It’s preferable to buy a filter with an MERV rating of about 7. Place the disposable filter in a bag and put it outside in an appropriate receptacle. Slide the new filter in place. Insert the fasteners and replace the access panel.

A reusable filter should be taken outside to be cleaned. Using a vacuum, suction debris off the filter’s surface. Use overlapping strokes to prevent missing any areas. Next, use a damp sponge and cleaning solution to remove the majority of remaining substances. Rinse with a slow stream of water from a garden hose. Allow the filter to dry outside. The dry filter should be placed into its former position. Replace the cover and fasteners.

Changing a filter on an AC system should ideally be done about once every two to three months. It should be done more frequently in areas with elevated levels of outdoor air pollution. Doing this can protect household occupants and interior assets from unhealthful materials in the air. For information on AC services, please talk to a professional at Four Seasons Heating & Cooling Specialists Inc. This group of experts can handle residential and commercial jobs.

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