3 Signs You Need To Call A Dallas Roof Repair Service

Homeownership in Dallas is something that most people look forward to at some point in their life. Owning a home means also maintaining all aspects of the home from the edge of the sidewalk or curb to the top of the roof.

While it is easy to see signs of problems with the foundation or the siding on a home, it can be more difficult to detect early problems with the roof. However, there are a few signs that homeowners in the Dallas area can use to see problems from the ground with the roof that should lead to a call to a roof repair service.

Shingles Curling, Cupping or Buckling

Stepping away from the home and looking at the roof is the first step in seeing if a roof repair may be required. Look for signs of the shingles curling or forming a cup shape, which is a good indication that parts of the roof deck may be exposed to wind-driven rain, resulting in leaks.
Buckling of the shingles tends to look like waves across the roof, and this also poses a risk for leaks, sometimes even with very small amounts of rain.

Granules in Gutters and Around Downspouts

Asphalt or composite shingles are formed using granules of rock or other materials that are pressed into the hot surface of the shingle during manufacturing. As shingles age and are exposed to the Texas sun, these granules start to fall off of the shingles.

Granules tend to collect in the gutters and in the runoff of the downspout. As granules are shed, the roof becomes more likely to need a roof repair or full replacement.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

The most obvious signs of roofing problems are missing shingles. While it may be tempting to wait, calling in a roofing company as soon as missing shingles are noted is always important.

In many cases, if the shingles are missing due to a storm, insurance may cover the cost of repair or full roof replacement.

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