How a DUI Defense Attorney in Santa Clarita CA Helps Their Clients

Lawyers find ways to help their clients even when someone thinks their case is hopeless. A DUI charge may seem to be impossible to disprove. It is true that a DUI defense attorney in Santa Clarita CA cannot prevent all clients from all charges, but they do have the skills to help everyone in some way. Here is how they use their training to improve the situation for all of their clients.

Understand the Laws

A defense attorney with experience in DUI cases is knowledgeable of the laws where they practice. They use this information to protect the rights of their client and to make certain they are not charged with a crime that is too severe for their actions. They also explain the laws to their client so they will fully understand all of their options and have the ability to point out any inconsistencies or improper handling of their own arrest.

Review the Evidence

A DUI defense attorney in Santa Clarita CA reads the police report, interviews any witnesses and discusses the details with their client. They ask about any testing performed, the reason the client was stopped and if any prescription medication or other circumstances may have affected the outcome. They review everything because there are times when the details help to prove the innocence of the accused.

Encourage a Compromise

If there are no other options the attorney talks to the prosecutor or the judge to negotiate a deal. This generally means the client will still experience some type of punishment, but it will be less than what they would have otherwise received. It could mean a reduced fine, community service in lieu of a fine or avoiding the suspension of their license.

No case is hopeless and talking to an attorney is the best way to discover all of the options still available following a DUI charge. Check out to learn more about their experience with this type of charge and how they can help. An initial consultation is free and it is a fast and easy way for people to find out exactly what the law firm can do for them.

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