3 Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore When Doing Hot Yoga

Hot yoga can be extremely beneficial to your health; it detoxifies your body and allows you to have a deeper stretch. Working out in a hotter room can become dangerous, however, if you don’t prepare properly for the class. Even if you prepare, sometimes, your body gives you signs of distress you shouldn’t ignore, and here are some signs the heat may be getting to you.

Muscle cramps
Stretching can be great for your body, but when your muscles start to cramp it could be a sign you aren’t getting enough potassium, or it could be a sign of heat exhaustion. If you experience a muscle cramp, you’ll have to stretch it out, and it’s okay to take breaks during hot yoga. You also don’t want to pull any muscles, so make sure you know your limits when you’re stretching. Drink plenty of water and maybe take a potassium booster before going to the class to avoid muscle cramps.

While yoga can help relieve headaches, it shouldn’t cause you to have one. If you’re in the heat for a long time, it could cause a headache, which is another sign you could have heat exhaustion. So, if you feel a headache coming on, it may be a sign you need to take a break from the class.

Dizziness or faintness
Dizziness and faintness can occur when you switch between poses, and you may want to take a break after feeling faint or dizzy. If you’re dizzy, you can lose your balance, increasing your chances of hurting yourself. Take a break by sitting on your mat with a straight posture and breathing deeply for a couple of minutes. If you continue to feel faint or dizzy, leave the room for a short while to bring your body temperature down.

You should never feel ashamed of taking a break during hot yoga, as it can be taxing on even the most experienced yoga goers. If you’re interested in finding a hot yoga studio in Williamsburg, VA area, Studio South has experienced instructors and hot yoga experiences that are right for anyone.

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