3 Things You Should Know About Motorized Shades in Bellevue, Wa

Whether you are wanting a cool and quick way to blackout your home movie theatre or just want bragging rights, motorized shades can be a great look for your home. If you are on the fence about it, here are some things you should know.

Easy to Manage

Whether you choose to operate your shades with a wall panel, remote control, or a tablet, your options are plentiful. You can manual operate one or all of your shades, and set them on a timer so that they are in operation while you are away.

Saves Energy

When installing motorized shades in Bellevue, Wa, you can even have sensors incorporated into your controls that will consider temperature or the sun’s position when opening and closing as well. This is great for conserving your home’s energy as it can help to prevent your home from overheating in the summer and being too cold in the winter.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Pretty much no matter what your style of decor is, you will be able to integrate motorized shades to match it. Also, just the style of the shades alone looks great as there are no cords or sticks hanging down. When considering motorized shades in Bellevue, Wa, know that you have lots of styles to choose from, as well as, installation and control options. Speak with a specialist, so you can determine what style of motorized shades works best for you.