Undergoing Cosmetic Facial Surgery in Jacksonville, FL, to Reshape Eyelids

When you experience injuries or illnesses that impact your eyes or eyelids, you may find that you can no longer see well. You could have deformities or muscle impairments that not only impact the appearance of your face but also your ability to control your eyelids.

Rather than live with these consequences, you can undergo medical procedures designed to improve this part of your face. You can prepare for your treatment better by knowing what to anticipate during cosmetic facial surgery in Jacksonville, FL, today.

Local Anesthesia

Most doctors administer local anesthesia for patients undergoing this type of facial surgery. You are not put to sleep under general anesthesia. Instead, you are kept awake and somewhat aware of what is going on during the treatment.

The doctor will administer an anesthetic injection to your face so that you do not feel the incisions made in or around your eyelids. You also should not feel any sensations of tugging or moving while your eyelids are reconstructed.


The recovery period for eyelid surgery is generally short. You can expect to have stitches in your eyelids for up to two weeks afterward. Your skin may feel itchy and bruised, making it necessary for you to use a special lotion to relieve your symptoms.

These facts are a few to anticipate when you undergo cosmetic facial surgery in Jacksonville, FL, to redo your eyelids. You can learn more by contacting Florida Eye Specialists – Southside at https://www.floridaeyespecialists.com/.