3 Tips for Buying a Church Organ in Florida

Buying a church organ in Florida can be a daunting task. You want your church to produce fine music, but how can you tell which organ is best for the job? Furthermore, where do you find the organ or the right supplier? These are all questions you will need to consider if you’ve been tasked with the job of finding an organ for your church. Following are three simple tips that will help you with this task.

1. Make Sure It’s An Organ Meant for Church

Many buyers are surprised to learn that there is a difference between an organ meant for church and an organ meant for home entertainment for use in a theater. Just because you bring an organ into a church in Florida doesn’t make it a Florida church organ. They are designed differently and have different acoustic properties. Organs designed specifically for churches tend to have more pipes than those intended for home or theater use.

2. Work Closely With Your Musician

Unless you are the one who plays the organ at church, you need to work closely with the musicians to ensure you get the right product. They will know best what is required to create the right sounds for the church. Their assistance will be especially helpful if they have professional musical training. But even if they don’t, their opinion should be highly valued.

3. Stick With Pipes for the Best Sounds

Yes, a digital organ is often cheaper than a pipe church organ in Florida, but the price shouldn’t be the ultimate concern. If you want to invoke authentic emotions in the congregation, then pipe organs are the best choice. That’s not to say that digital organs sound inferior, but rather that they sometimes lack certain qualities that make for an excellent organ in a church setting.

Finding the Right Supplier

To find an authentic pipe organ designed specifically for use in church you will need to find the right supplier. Bring the musician from your church with you so that they can evaluate the products when considering a supplier. And remember, don’t settle for the first cheap organ that you run across.

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