3 Ways to Know if Your Operations are a Good Fit for an ASRS System

Are you considering adding an automatic storage and retrieval system – or ASRS system – to your operation? If so, you might have some questions.

What kind of operations are best suited to a rack system with this kind of automation? Is yours one of them? That depends on a variety of circumstances.

Here are a few key factors that make an application or operation a good fit for an ASRS system:

Your Operation Has High Throughput

Do you have a high number of pallets that make up put-aways for storage on a daily basis? Are fulfilling a high throughput of full pallet order selection as well? If so, your organization might benefit from the convenience and ease of automation handling these tasks as part of an ASRS racking application. Elimination of manual labor storing – searching for and picking products – saves time and money.

Your Operation is Short on Storage Space

If you have high volumes of products to store but are limited on storage space to work with, an ASRS system might be an excellent choice for you. ASRS high density rack systems can make better use of storage space by using less aisles and more space for storage. They efficiently move loads higher, lower, faster, and deeper onto racks than manual operators could. It makes maximizing space easy and intuitive.

You Need Put-Aways and Order Fulfillment to Be More Accurate

When companies or organizations have many product moves each week, mistakes can happen. Boosting accuracy to reduce those mistakes prevents loss of revenue.

Rack systems using ASRS reduce the kind of human error that can occur when loading and unloading product. In addition to preventing loss of revenue, this help’s to improve the satisfaction of the customers you are fulfilling orders to.

So, would an ASRS system work for you? Ultimately, these systems can make everyday operations more efficient and cost effective, as well as reduce errors. Frazier’s industry-leading team has a proven record of accomplishment working closely with leading Automation Integrators to create rack systems for ASRS applications. Contact us today at frazier@frazier.com to learn about the racking solutions we can provide for ASRS systems.

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