The Benefits of Push-Back Racking in Today’s Storage Facilities

Push-back racking is one of the most popular choices for industrial storage in today’s warehouses. What are the advantages of using these dynamic pallet racks and how might they help you minimize costs, waste, and more in your facility? Here’s more information about push-back racks and why they might be a perfect fit for your distribution center:

How Does Push-Back Racking Work?

Push-back racks are so named because they are loaded by placing a pallet on a cart and using the next pallet load to push back the prior load on pitched tracks. It is a Last In, First Out (LIFO) system that allows for product to always be positioned at the picking face of the rack; when a pallet is removed, gravity moves the remaining pallets forward for picking. This makes these racks perfect for keeping stock rotated.

The Benefits of Push-Back Racks

Push-back racks are perfect for a wide variety of industries. These may include:

  • Foodservice and grocery
  • 3PL’s
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Retail Distribution
  • More!

Push back racks’ ability to be picked from any level without having to unload other levels makes it a versatile choice for a number of applications.
Another advantage is that these racks are great for utilizing space without waste. They offer the high density of drive-in racks with greater selectivity.

The easy slide of the carts used in the design of our racks also prevents the items being stored from jamming or becoming stuck along the track.
Perhaps one of the best advantages of using these racks is that no special equipment is required for proper retrieval of your items; standard lift trucks will work with the racking. That alone makes investing in these racks worth the cost for many business owners!

For more information about push-back racking and the options you have for storage in your own facility, talk to an expert at Frazier Industrial Company