4 Benefits to Choosing a Professional Dog Boarding Service

No matter how much you want to bring along your furry best friend, there are going to be times when you’ll have no choice but to leave him behind. Here’s why choosing a dog boarding service in NYC is better asking a favor from friends and family:

It’s convenient
Don’t like the thought of imposing on family and friends? You won’t have to. Choosing a kennel means you can expect pros to look after your pet while you’re off on a vacation or business trip. You won’t have to feel guilty about asking them anyone to provide for your pet’s needs—to tuck him in with his favorite toy or make sure he gets enough dog biscuits—while you’re away. It’s the kind of hassle-free arrangement anyone would want.

It’s safer
What happens if you leave your pet with a friend and they take their eyes off him a minute and he goes running out onto the street? Pros aren’t complacent about your dog’s safety and security. They’re not going to leave doors open or things are lying around that your dog could eat and hurt himself with.

It’s easier
Paying for the services of a dog boarding service in NYC means your family or friends won’t have to dog-proof their home just to take care of your puppy for a few days. That’s going to mean less stress and fuss for them and less guilt for you.

It’s fun
Some kennels offer additional services like walking your dog. Ask them to do that for your pet as well. That way, he’ll get the exercise he needs even when you aren’t there to take him out on those long walks. Just make sure you choose a trustworthy boarding service. Look for referrals and do your research to make sure you pick the right one, says BHG.

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